AWS CodeDeploy multiple simultaneous applications

Does code deploy not support multiple applications for a single build?

    branch: master
      app-us: {} // Omitted for brevity
      app-eu: {} // Omitted for brevity

Using our CodeDeploy integration you are limited to one deploy context per branch at present. We have some features in the pipeline that will enhance these capabilities, but they won’t be available in the short term.

For now the best way to deploy to multiple groups is to configure it manually. You can store secrets for the various IAM users / groups as environment variables that you can set from the CircleCI UI.

In the deployment section, rather than using the CodeDeploy integration syntax you can just run shell commands. Perhaps the simplest approach is to write a bash script that runs the various deployments and call that from the deployment section. There’s an example here:

It’s a bit more work but should hopefully work for you? Let us know if you need any more information on this.

I just came up against this same issue. It would be amazing if one branch could be deployed multiple times. For the same use-case of multi-region deployments. Will have to roll our own scripts for now. Is there a repo with the scripts that CircleCI uses for its CodeDeploy deployments?

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We really need this ability as well.