Deploying to 2 AWS deployment groups from 1 circle.yml

Question: Is it possible for me to deploy 2 “things” to 2 different aws deployment groups from 1 circle.yml?

For example, within 1 github repo, maybe I have 1 rest api that goes to an app server and then some shell scripts that need to go on a “job” server.


Are you referring to CodeDeploy deployments? If so, we currently only support one such deployment per build. Sorry about that.

You could try doing the deployments manually using awscli—this way you could have a regular deployment section with two awscli calls:

    branch: master
      - aws deploy create-deployment --<params1>
      - aws deploy create-deployment --<params2>

Please check out this section the CodeDeploy user guide for more details on using the AWS CLI.