Deploy application to AWS Lightsail


I’m a bit confused and don’t know how I can deploy my application to AWS LightSail VPS. I’ve seen tutorials on how to deploy to S3 buckets or CodeDeploy. But, honestly, I feel using CodeDeploy makes CircleCi useless (in this case) if I can only deploy the code through AWS CodeDeploy.

Your insights are appreciated.


Hi !

I have a AWS Lightsail infrastructure and I would to automatize my delivery with CircleCI.
Have you find any solution to deploy an application to AWS Lightsail ?

Like you, I can’t find anything about Lightsail, only speech about S3/ECR/ECS/CodeDeploy.

Thanks for your feedback !

To be honest, I switched to using AWS Code Deploy and AWS Code Pipeline instead of CircleCi for that application. Unfortunately, the community support is weak and completely overlooked by the developers.

CircleCi seems really better but the lack of good documentation is killing my buzz.

Thank you for the feedback! Is there documentation we can update to help?

Hi Katertot,
I’m overwhelmed with the amount of time I spent trying to find out how I can use fastlane with circleci to submit an app to test-flight or beta testing in google console.

There no clear steps. I can give you an example, documentstion says: “ it’s recommended to add a Gemfileto your repository…” it doesn’t say where the file should be located!

Being a noob trying to use the documentation and not being able to find out the steps is very frustrating. I had a similar case to integrate github with AWS. It was frustrating because documentation is hard to follow and support isn’t very helpful and the forum seemed neglected.

I’m glad that you responded and I really appreciate your help and reaching out to follow up :rose: