"Error: Not Found" when running "circleci local execute build"

That’s a copy paste from my machine:

$ circleci local execute build
Error: Not Found

That’s my cli.yml content:

host: https://circleci.com
endpoint: graphql-unstable
token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
rest_endpoint: api/v2
tls_cert: ""
tls_insecure: false
    default_namespace: ""
    default_vcs_provider: ""
    default_owner: ""


last_update_check: 2023-03-30T12:59:08.758472+03:00

I’ve installed the cli using the manual install, now when running the same command I get this error:

Unexpected environment preparation error: Error response from daemon: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: unable to apply cgroup configuration: cannot enter cgroupv2 "/sys/fs/cgroup/docker/d50df059afc3e81f0b66b54060e2dd199776080fc626bc1d23f528bc2fc76f15/c963a5363dd98a8b3ee60d7cb7906e080c42b1f59e402e74e3c99ca58796d5db" with domain controllers -- it is in an invalid state: unknown

Step failed
Task failed

This github comment resolved it for me [circleci local execute] error looking up cgroup: not implemented for cgroup v2 unified hierarchy - 2022 edition · Issue #676 · CircleCI-Public/circleci-cli · GitHub

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