Circleci local execute fails with docker environment on CircleCI

I tried to run circleci local execute to test my orb with cli/default executor (docker) on CircleCI

version: 2.1

  cli: circleci/circleci-cli@0.1.5

      executor: cli/default
        - cli/install
        - checkout
        - run: circleci config process orb-test.yml > orb-test.2.0.yml
        - run: circleci local execute --config orb-test.2.0.yml

      - test

and got the error:

circleci local execute --config orb-test.2.0.yml
Error: failed to start event processor: failed to compute task config: failed to read config file: open /home/circleci/project/orb-test.2.0.yml: no such file or directory Exited with code 1

I guess this is because of the limitation of the remote docker environment and I should use machine environment instead, but
I am asking out of my curiosity, is there any workaround to share the orb-test.2.0.yml file on the primary container with circleci local execute running on remote docker?

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I am also running into this. Did you ever get a solution.