Impossible to use orb-tools/pack with runners

There seem to be an issue with local runners and using the orb-tools/pack to manage orb.

The circle-cli isn’t coming for the provided image.

For exemple:

      - image: circleci/circleci-cli:0.1.26646 # same version provided by offical orb
    resource_class: "local_runner"
      - orb-tools/pack:
          executor: base-executor
          filters: *filters

Will fail informing use that is it missing subcommand orb in the circleci command line.

Using a pre-steps listing the version and location of the cricleci-cli is giving us these info:

version: Build Agent version: 1.0.208753-df883b00
Built: 2023-11-06T16:39:54+0000
Location: /home/circleci/.local/bin/circleci/circleci

So basicly it isn’t using the cli provided by the image, but the one from the agent runner / cita…

A quick look that in the container is giving use the information:

ls /home/circleci/.local/bin/circleci/
circleci -> /home/circleci/.local/bin/circleci/circleci-agent

Also, it seem that the $PATH is alter. It will include at first position the location of the circleci binary alias from the agent …

There is no way to use this orb with a local runner.

Help needed.

Super ugly patch…

      - orb-tools/pack:
            - run:
                name: use proper circleci cli
                command: |
                  echo "export PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}" >> "$BASH_ENV"
          executor: base-executor
          filters: *filters