Environment variables list doesn't update when viewing different projects

If I view the environment variables for a project, then view the environment variables for another project, I still see the vars for the first project. I have to refresh the page in order for the correct vars to be loaded and displayed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the project settings for any project, then go to “Environment Variables” under “Build Settings” to view them.
  2. Navigate to the projects list and go to the project settings of another project. Go to its Environment Variables and you’ll see that what’s displayed is not the current project’s vars but those of the previous project.

See this video: https://ljsp.lwcdn.com/api/video/embed.jsp?id=71294aef-2c5b-43b6-bb0f-1aaea4ab8897&pi=34d7679e-4e8e-4d87-9f7d-e5702522d6bb