Insidious UI bug with project environment variables that can really throw you for a loop

For the record, this was reported before by mathieueveillard at Environment variables are shared between projects

I do hope that this is merely a UI bug (I think it is, from the looks of it), but it can really throw you for a loop - until you figure it out like I had to.

Try this:

  • set up environment variables for just ONE of your projects
  • now navigate to either “WORKFLOWS”, or “INSIGHTS” on the left. Now click on the gear for another project, and then on “Environment Variables”
  • AWE AND SHOCK at seeing that you have the environment variables from the earlier project

Why I say this is likely a UI bug:

  • I found out (the hard way! spending my time to deal with this) that if instead of navigating to project settings through WORKFLOWS or INSIGHTS, that you use “JOBS” instead, or you simply navigate to the root of your organization on the top left (“Settings >> $NAME_OF_ORG >> $PROJECT”), which effectively navigates you to JOBS, then you see another behaviour from the UI. This time, it looks like your project variables are individualized, and not copied or overwrite each other!