Environment variables on last version

I have a couple of environments variables that I have changed but new builds seem to be getting the old value. Is this somehow related to the github outage? What can I do to interrogate or reason about this problem?

How are you running the builds? If you are using “re-run”, this will use the old environment variables deliberately.

Are you using 2.0, 2.1 or Machine? (Please get into the habit of adding more useful information in the first instance of your question).

If you want to see your env vars, request a build with SSH, and then use set on the console to view the env vars the system knows about.

Thank you for the reply. 2.0/container and the issue seems to have fixed it self over the evening. I surmised that re-run used the original set but couldn’t find that in the docs. Thank you for the heads up on building with ssh. I havn’t used that feature so far. I buried a “- run: set” in my config to see the vars.

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