Environment variable duplicates


There is some odd behavior with your build environment variables. Suppose I have a environment variable named ‘foo’ with value ‘bar’. If I then go and add ‘foo’ again with a different value, both of these “key value pairs” show up in the list of environment variables. So at this point, it seems like you’re not keeping env vars as a true dictionary which would allow only one value per key.

However, if I then click the little x button to remove one of the key value pairs, then both are deleted. So at this point it’s like you are keeping env vars as a true dictionary that removes all values when the key is removed.

This is unexpected and confusing. I would expect that it would be a true dictionary, so if I try to add an env var again that already exists, then the existing key value pair, if any, is overwritten, instead of the current behavior which is to add a second kvp.



acknowledged as a bug here: