Creating duplicate environment variables

Hi folks

I tried to create duplicate environment variables as I was rolling some AWS creds. I was able to create the new ones, but when I went to delete the old ones, the delete command deleted the new ones as well.

I think what was happening is that on the server I was overwriting the old creds, but the UI wasn’t updating to reflect that.

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Not sure if this is related or helpful, but CircleCi executes each command in a new shell, so ant env varibles creates outside of the global section don’t exist once that command ends.

Does that help explain what may have happened?

Not really, this is in the project settings page. You can reproduce the behaviour by

  1. Create an env var
  2. Create another env var with the same key but a different value
  3. Observe in the UI that both keys are present
  4. Refresh the browser, notice that only the second one is present.

Ah, that does sound like a bug then.

This is definitely a bug, thanks for pointing this out.