Documentation uses outdated docker image for SwiftLint (testing iOS)

The docker image for SwiftLint suggested in the documentation has not been updated past 0.30.1. It’d be best to update the documentation to provide either an up to date docker image, or to simply add SwiftLint to the default macOS/Xcode container.


@pquillere_zen Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for alerting us to this, we will look into rolling our own SwiftLint image which can be updated much more frequently.

You can definitely install SwiftLint in macOS jobs with brew and run this directly. The reason we do not include this by default is the fact that SwiftLint is updated often and this would mean when we ship our images that the bundled SwiftLint would be outdated quite quickly - in turn this means extra job execution time spent updating homebrew, SwiftLint and any dependencies.

The example in the documentation demonstrates how you can run SwiftLint in parallel with an iOS build by employing a docker container (multi executor approach). The will save time and build credits.

We will update this thread when we have an alternative image ready.

Many thanks!

Awesome! I’m most definitely interested in that docker image as I’m already using that outdated one provided in the doc, but only noticed yesterday that it was running a pretty old version of SwiftLint.

Would you have any kind of ETA to share with the community? Even if not set has been set, I’d like to know if we’re looking at weeks or months—or more—in terms of availability so I can prioritize my work accordingly.

Thanks! :+1:

@pquillere_zen I have created an image which should be a drop in replacement for the old image. You can find this here:

I do not have an ETA in regards to getting this set up as an official CircleCI image, but we will share updates when possible.

In the meantime, I hope this helps!

Thank you @bytesguy!

I’ll try to test this out in the next week or so.

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