How to integrate macos & docker image

I have a Flutter project for which I want to configure my CI to run the iOS tests. In order for the xcodebuild to work, I need to perform this command before:

flutter packages get

Logically, in order to perform the flutter command I need to add a docker image like:


  • image: cirrusci/flutter

As I also need to run the iOS steps, I am running a

xcode: “9.3.0”

so I cannot combine both steps under the same job. I’ve tried splitting the work in two sequential jobs, but when the second job is run, whatever I did on the first one is lost. Any ideas?

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Could you carry the work you did in one job across to the next using persist_to_workspace functionality? Docs on this are here and some more info about workspaces here.

Hey Cormac, thanks for answering.

Actually I considered using persist_to_workspace but ended up going with a simpler solution: use macos and instead of using flutter image, manually cloning it from its repository.

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