iOS build which requires connection to api container to pass tests?


I’m trying to setup a configuration where a docker container is made available for an ios image to run integration tests against. The closest I could come in the documentation is the article Sample Configuration with Multiple Executor Types (macOS + Docker) but that appears to be unrelated jobs which run on different executor types.

Is it possible to bring up a container which presents an api for integration testing from xcode?

hey, were you able to find answer for this?


I expect this would be possible. What is the state of Docker on OS X now? I should think it runs semi-natively (i.e. without the need for VirtualBox etc).

If so, I wonder if it can be added as a background job, prior to the integration tests being started. If you can show your config as it stands, and an attempt as far as you can get it, perhaps someone can help from there.

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