Add SwiftLint to macOS container by default

Please add SwiftLint to the list of binaries pre-installed on iOS containers. It has 11k+ stars on Github and is widely used in the community.

Often it needs to be run as part of the main build job, and not in a separate docker container as advised to be done with the Workflow feature.
SwiftLint has added support for analyze feature, which needs access to build environment, such as build logs and DerivedData directory.

Currently it’s possible to install SwiftLint as a step, but that prolongs each job run significantly.
We also experience minor downgrade in job length using workflows, because the repo has to be fully checked out including all submodules.

Is SwiftLint something that might be added to macOS containers in the future, or do you have any ideas how to solve job length issue?

Many thanks!

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You could add this to the “Ideas” board (linked from the main CircleCI site).

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HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1 brew install swiftlint

Takes around 10 seconds which should be acceptable. You can get it lower by caching the binary (see but probably not worth the extra complexity.


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