Docker pull complains that image does not exist but it does

I try to build a docker image which depends on httpd:2.4-alpine. This works just fine on my local machine.
However CircleCI fails with the following:

Step 1 : FROM httpd:2.4-alpine
2.4-alpine: Pulling from library/httpd
Pulling repository
Tag 2.4-alpine not found in repository

Which is weird because here is the tag:
Also the exact same Dockerfile just works perfectly on my local computer.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen similar bugs because of the old version that is used in CircleCI 1.0, can you try running this build on 2.0?

If so, DM me the org/repo name and we can get started.

@levlaz . Hello, I’m having the same issue, may I please try out CircleCI 2.0, please, thank you.