Use a docker image from public docker hub

I want to use docker image python/3-alpine available from the public docker hub.

From file .circleci/config.yml, the code snippet is:

version: 2.1
      - image: python/3-alpine

but running this in CircleCI returns

Starting container python/3-alpine
  image cache not found on this host, downloading python/3-alpine

  Error pulling image python/3-alpine: Error response from daemon:
    pull access denied for python/3-alpine, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'... retrying

How do I docker run an image that resides on the public docker hub?

On a local Linux host, I do not need to docker login to docker run this image.

I am most interested in getting docker run to work with the public Docker hub. I am not concerned about this particular docker image. I know CircleCI provides Python images.

The nomenclature of your image has a typo, it should be python:3-apline instead of python/3-alpine. Give it a try.

Doh! Thanks @maxleonca !

Indeed, python/3-alpine should be python:3-alpine.

I confused myself with a CircleCI recommendation to use CircleCI curated images, e.g. circleci/python:3.7.
That string circleci/python:3.7 is specifying the docker hub named circleci, image python, tagged 3.7.
Whereas, string python:3.7, does not specify the docker hub name, so docker defaults to searching the public docker hub for an image named python tagged 3.7.

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