Docker pull can't find tag even if exists

When we are trying to pull a docker image with a specific tag, we are getting the following error:
Pulling repository
Tag yyy not found in repository
docker pull xxx/xxxx:yyy returned exit code 1
Action failed: docker pull xxx/xxxx:yyy

But the tag yyy is exists. when I’m running: docker pull xxx/xxxx:yyy from my computer it works correctly.
If i’m ssh’ing to the build machine, and runs docker pull xxx/xxxx:yyy, I’m getting the same error.
Is there any known issue? How could we fix it?

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Is it a public image? If it is private, maybe you’re getting this because you’ve not logged into the registry?

It’s a private image.
I’m logging in first and then pulling the image.
It worked before. all of a sudden it stopped working.

I had the same issue on some builds this morning :

Pulling repository
Tag 14.04 not found in repository

When I retried them a few hours late, the docker pull worked fine. Must have been a transient issue at the docker repository, or some issue in circle connection to it.

You both seem to be using Docker Hub, so perhaps that’s it. By default, pulls are encrypted, so CircleCI would have very little way to interfere with it.

@halfer do you know if there is a circle specific equivalent that would be more reliable?

@earlrob: there isn’t a CircleCI specific registry, as it’s an open-source standard. I use GitLab, which works fine for me.

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