Docker Compose version change

One of our build configs require docker compose, this has been version 2 syntax from the begining.
ERROR: In file './docker-compose.yml' service 'version' doesn't have any configuration options. All top level keys in your docker-compose.yml must map to a dictionary of configuration options.

As of today a build that was working 24 hours ago, is failing with incompatibility of the docker compose yml file.
Upon ssh’ing into the machine, the docker compose version is 1.5.2, where it should be 1.6, we are currently installing docker 1.10.0 via the aws link from the docs, and docker compose via pip.
Build 563 on our repo succeeds, but build 579 fails which is a rebuild of the same commit. Build 580 did succeed, so I am not sure if we are hitting different nodes that have not been updated as there is an inconsistency.

Any help / suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Also experiencing this issue. Builds that were successful yesterday now fail.
Debugging via SSH I find docker-compose is still at version 1.5.2 despite trying every which way to install 1.10.0 via pip.
pip show docker-compose shows 1.10.0 is installed.
What gives?

We have builds failing with this too — need that docker-compose version bumped back up.

We’re all installing with curl -sSL | bash -s -- 1.10.0 I assume?

Same thing is happening with us here in the office.

I’m installing it using pip, after debugging via an SSH login I saw that pip needed upgrading which seemed to make things work again for me. Also note I am using the 16.04 image (which now seems to be default) not 14.04

    - pip install --upgrade pip
    - pip install docker-compose

Yep that fixes

In our case we had sudo pip install docker-compose.
Changing it to pip install docker-compose fixed the problem, so make sure you run all your commands without sudo.

Btw, I saw CircleCI updated Ubuntu 14.04 image recently. I see some updates on python but it doesn’t seems to be related. More info: Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201701-01

Edited: I don’t know if could be related with this change:

-      "virtualenv": "14.0.3"
+      "virtualenv": "15.1.0"

It also did the trick for us. After upgrading pip, latest version of docker-compose can be use successfully

i fixed it by adding “pyenv rehash” after pip install docker-compose

Looks like pyenv is sandboxed now (looks very similar to asdf)

There is no 16.04 image. Can you clarify what you mean?

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