Is docker-compose 3.7 supported?

I’m not new to CI, but it’s the first time I work with CircleCI.

I cannot find any straight forward guide that does what I’m trying to do so after few hours I thought I’d better ask.

I have a docker-compose.yml file that works locally. Unfortunately version 3.7 seems not to be supported.

Now, before downgrading the entire structure can anyone confirm that you must run 3.2 at most?

You can see the error here below:
ERROR: Version in “./docker/docker-compose.yml” is unsupported. You might be seeing this error because you’re using the wrong Compose file version. Either specify a supported version (“2.0”, “2.1”, “3.0”, “3.1”, “3.2”) and place your service definitions under the services key, or omit the version key and place your service definitions at the root of the file to use version 1.

Here is my docker-compose.yml
For more on the Compose file format versions, see

A night of sleep was much needed. This morning in 5 minutes I’ve been able to find this piece of guideline which explains how to specify the image with your preferred docker-compose version.

In my case it is:

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