Deploying to Heroku via Docker image

Does CircleCI currently support the Heroku docker:release workflow via CircleCI? I know you can deploy the normal Heroku way (git push) but I was wondering, since you guys can build/deploy docker images as well, could you deploy docker images via the Heroku Docker plugin as described here:

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I asked this same question to their email support address and was told by a rep that “it should be possible to use heroku docker:release as we definitely have customers who are doing that already.”

However, I am not having much luck getting this to work. I keep running into the error:
ubuntu@box567:~/myproject$ docker cp 5fbf44120120400bd0f03b7e3042452dd3dbe203fb374a014de4c5a4c6b78fde:/tmp/slug.tgz ~/tmp Error response from daemon: permission denied

Has anyone else had luck?

Sean Heuer sent me this link:

I haven’t tested it yet but others say it fixes the problem

Oops - I apologize if I am creating churn by asking my question both on this forum and via private support channels, but the next error I run into as soon as I do this is:

Command failed: docker rm -f 965c64a946e9456e7de152d44c839d189e4583108e1de95d25577e1d9ddeaa23

And this happens whether I use 1.9.0 or 1.9.1

I looked more closely at the docker cp thread and it is not clear that any of them are using this in the context of heroku docker:release.

From the omnipresent Sean Heuer :wink:

it looks like this is due to an issue between us not being able to remove docker images inside of builders and heroku docker:release requiring intermediate containers to be removed before proceeding. There’s currently a pull request which should solve this issue. You can try using that or wait until it is pulled into heroku-docker

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@dfuentes77 fwiw the docker link in your original post is old. The link you want is here: