Heroku CLI update

Heroku has just updated their stack and their docker push and release stages are now separated.

Heroku cli on cicle ci is not yet updated to take this effect. Is there any way to upgrade the cli on circle ci 1.0?

I don’t know, but you need to be upgrading to CircleCI 2.0. Circle 1.0 is coming to end of life.

There’s no solution in circleci 2.0 docs either!

I have not used 1.0, but for 2.0, just install the tools you need - it is just a VM. So if this cloud provider offers a binary to do deployments, then install it as if you were installing on a local Linux box.

You will probably want apt-get install or apk add etc. depending on your build distro (or consult the Heroku docs, they may have their own repository).

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ah great. Because in 1.0 I wasn’t able to manually install them. This works for me then. Thanks

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