Credit card cancelled, added a new one, but now I am getting "This job has been blocked because no credits are available on your plan"


My builds are all blocked. Every time we kick off a job we get
This job has been blocked because no credits are available on your plan"

We had a credit card get cancelled, which caused this blocked at first. I then entered a new credit card’s details, but we are still seeing this problem.

We have had very high usage the last 2 months (over 1000 USD each month due to docker layer caching), which we just noticed as part of updating our credit card details. We have now turned off docker caching, but despite increasing the credit limit, we are still not able to unblock ourselves.

Our current plan is performance monthly.

I modified the credit amount under the Manage section in
“Change your monthly credit subscription by choosing the credit quantity that works for your team”
and then
“Input an amount manually”
I’ve put enough in for 1,275,000 credits, which should be enough as under the Usage section, it reports I’ve used 1,018,964 credits this month.

I think I need to buy credits one time until the next billing cycle kicks in. It seems odd there is no way to increase credit limit or buy additional credits mid cycle.

TL;DR how do I buy credits, one time, this billing cycle. Or am I doing something wrong


I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. Understanding the urgency of your situation, I want to assure you that we are here to help.

For the issue that you’re facing, I would highly recommend that you open a support ticket with us. As it might involve more detailed review and business-specific actions, addressing it through the support ticket system would be the most efficient way to resolve this.

Please visit this link to open a new support ticket. Ensure to include your organization’s name that is impacted so we can assist you effectively.

If your Overview page still shows 0 credits remaining, please mention this in the ticket as it is a considerable detail for the resolution process and this discuss post so that we can work on fixing this issue.

We truly value your patience and understanding in this matter and look forward to assisting you further through our support ticket.

Thanks for the quick response. I just submitted a support ticket #141653. I do indeed see 0 credits remaining and included a screenshot showing this.

Await circleci’s response