Blocked due to plan-no-credits-available, only used 2 hours of build time

Hi, I’ve had 4 builds in a row fail with the error

Blocked due to plan-no-credits-available

I assume the system thinks I’ve hitten a usage limit, but plan usage says container time used is 2h 17m, and the limit is supposed to be 1500 minutes.

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We are also seeing this issue.

An outage message has gone out in the app:

Updated 1 min ago - Some jobs failing with “Blocked due to plan-no-credits-available”: We have identified an issue where some jobs will be incorrectly blocked with the message “Blocked due to plan-no-credits-available”. We have identified the issue and are deploying a fix.

I have also seen this message.
I confirmed I just consumed only 28 minutes on build by our dashboard.

Looks like it’s fixed.

Thanks for the quick turnaround guys!

We are also seeing this issue :roll_eyes:

Have you pushed a new commit, or triggered a rebuild on an old ‘no credits’ build? In the latter case, a no credits build will be rebuilt as a no credits build – that is, the system won’t pick up on new credits on a rebuild, but will on a new commit.

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