Clarification of Open-Source on Free plan limitations

Hello all,

I’m on a free plan and mostly developing open-source (with a few private projects). I recently got this banner telling me that I was over 55% of my usage:

This prompted me to understand what the exacts limits were and I’m having a hard time figuring this out as the UI and documentation(s) seem to give me contradictory informations

From my Plan Overview in my settings I understand I have 2500 credits per week, but that I have currently used them all (0% available). (Also note you have a typo on “avaliable”)

Now my Plan Usage is telling me something different; that I have used 1360 out of my 2500 weekly credits. This seems more in line with the 55% usage I saw previously so I assume the “Plan Overview” page was buggy.

Going to the support center, I see that you offer 100k free credits for open-source projects on public repos, and 2500 for private repos. I’m now confused if the limits are per project/repo or per user/organization? The previous UIs seemed to imply it was a user setting, but the doc implies it’s per repo.

Now, another documentation page states that open-source builds have 400k free credits monthly, which seems adequate with the 100k weekly one stated above. This also implies that the credit attribution is automatic, I don’t need to apply for it. Still, I only see 2500 credits on my account.

Reading all that, what I understand is that weekly credits are granted per user/organization, and not per project/repo. I assume that I got 2500 credits instead of 100k credits because not all my repos are public. Because some repos are private, I don’t quality for the Open Source package. Is that correct? Could you confirm my understanding?