Circleci namespace create results in: Error: AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE

I’m getting: Error: AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE when I run:circleci namespace create
I’ve setup my circleci cli tool with my api token which completed successful.

Here’s the debug output:

>> variables: map[organizationName:Pasabi organizationVcs:GITHUB]
>> query: query($organizationName: String!, $organizationVcs: VCSType!) {
					name: $organizationName
					vcsType: $organizationVcs
				) {
<< request id: c6f3eab8-1a2e-44d6-bf23-b25f2765a6fe
<< result status: 200 OK
<< {"data":{"organization":{"id":"850a0abc-1e35-436e-bf67-bde4d942c16a"}}}
>> variables: map[name:pasabi organizationId:850a0abc-1e35-436e-bf67-bde4d942c16a]
>> query: 
			mutation($name: String!, $organizationId: UUID!) {
					name: $name,
					organizationId: $organizationId
				) {
					namespace {
					errors {
<< request id: d79c4607-2ffb-40a4-88c9-c085ac9896eb
<< result status: 200 OK
<< {"data":{"createNamespace":{"namespace":null,"errors":[{"message":"AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE","type":"AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE"}]}}}

Hi @jdoig, welcome to the CircleCI Community! Without looking at your account, here are a few things I can think of that may be resulting in this error:

  • Could you confirm that the token in use is a personal API token?
  • Were you able to create a namespace or did another user in you company create one? If there is already a namespace, what is it?
  • Are you seeing this error when creating a new orb or updating an existing orb?
  • Have you recently renamed your GitHub or Bitbucket username or organization?
  • Do you have admin privileges for the organization you are publishing from?

Hopefully one of these resolve the issue!