CircleCI CLI Create Namespace Unable to Find GitHub Organization

I’m attempting to create a namespace for my organization, but the CircleCI CLI can’t seem to find my organization on GitHub.

circleci namespace create <name> github <org-name>

I get the following error:

Error: Unable to find organization <org-name> of vcs-type GITHUB: Must have member permission.: the organization '<org-name>' under 'GITHUB' VCS-type does not exist. Did you misspell the organization or VCS?

I have verified that I have not misspelled the name of the organization. My organization has also granted permissions for CircleCI, and I am an org owner. Is there some other permission I’m missing?

Disregard. As it turns out I had accidentally overwritten my API token with a nonsensical one, once I corrected that creating the namespace worked without any issue!

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