Unable to link CircleCI to GitHub Organization

I’m attempting to link my GitHub Organization (I am the owner and currently the sole member) and create an orb namespace but am getting errors indicating insufficient permissions.

I am the sole organization owner/admin:

And CircleCI is granted GitHub Organization access:

And I have a single repo in the organization with a basic echo Hello, world. pipeline which executes fine in CircleCI:

But I get an error viewing contexts:

Or trying to create an orb namespace:

$ circleci namespace create <my-gh-orb-ns> github <my-org>          
Error: Unable to find organization <my-org> of vcs-type GITHUB: Must have member permission.: the organization '<my-org>' under 'GITHUB' VCS-type does not exist. Did you misspell the organization or VCS?

I’ve tried recreating my CircleCI CLI API Token and logging out of circleci.com and clearing browser cache.

How can I establish what the problem is here?

NB: I have created a separate orb namespace (with a different name) for use with our Bitbucket organization without any problems:

circleci namespace create <my-bb-orb-ns> bitbucket <my-org>
Namespace `<my-bb-orb-ns>` created.
Please note that any orbs you publish in this namespace are open orbs and are world-readable.

Potentially caused by this incident?


We are investigating a problem that may cause GitHub checks to be processed slower than normal.

Posted 9 minutes ago. Feb 26, 2019 - 11:39 UTC

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The plans page indicates that I am an admin of all the necessary organizations:

Confirmed resolved at the same time as the Slow to process GitHub checks incident was resolved. I assume this is all related.

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