CircleCi equivalence to Github actions "on"


Im in the process of migrating from Github actions to CircleCi

With Github actions we can do the following:

    branches: [master]
      - apps/**
      - libs/**

Github will then only trigger the action on a pull request to master.
My need is as following.
Multiple workflows to run on pull request to master based on the path of the changes(see above snippet)
One workflow to run on merge to master.

Is this at all possible on CircleCi

Thank you

Hey @wammy123 ,

Thanks for considering CircleCI!

In terms of triggering specific workflows based on the filepaths of files changed, Dynamic configuration would be the feature you’re looking for, and in addition, the path-filtering Orb!

You can take a look at the configuration cookbook as a sample: CircleCI Configuration Cookbook - CircleCI

You can think of CircleCI orbs as collections of actions you can import over; they are kind of like “packages” you can “install” for your config :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you get started on CircleCI!