CircleCI best practices in path based builds monorepo strategy


We have a NodeJS mono-repo featuring multiple modules and shared code in CircleCI. We had just two applications going through the “build-push-deploy” pipeline.

I came across swissknife orb which seems nice. But I’d like to know what others are using to manage this sort of workflow before jumping in.


Hi @atmosx, welcome to Discuss!

You may actually be interested in utilizing a feature we just released called Dynamic Configs.

With it, you can easily run specific jobs or workflows by using the path filtering Orb.

We have an excellent guide on setting this up here:

If helpful, here is also a specific setup example utilizing path filtering:

Hope that helps and please let me know if you need anything else!


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Thanks for the quick reply! From a quick look, I think I can work with your links! Ty!

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