Configure CircleCI checks to trigger GitHub Actions workflow

Hi, I have a GitHub repo that runs a CircleCI check when pushing to any PR or branch.

I would like a GitHub Actions workflow to run when the CircleCI check completes successfully, but I’m having trouble getting it to work and wondering if it might be related to CircleCI.

The GitHub docs say this can be done by committing a workflow file (i.e. in .github/workflows) to the default branch using the check_suite event, as follows:

    types: [completed]

However, the Actions workflow doesn’t ever seem to get triggered when CircleCI completes. If I change the above to on: push, the workflow does work, so it’s not an issue with Actions not working generally.

I did get this working in a different repo that runs both Travis CI and CircleCI checks, so I’m wondering if this might be an issue when using CircleCI alone. Thanks.

It seems like the problem is that CircleCI can’t create a GitHub “check suite” when it’s running as an Oath App (which mine is), as opposed to a GitHub App. Here’s one thread mentioning this: on: check_suite never triggers, why? · community · Discussion #26169 · GitHub

@cjerdonek If you are using the “OAuth App” integration, I believe you will need to turn on “GitHub Checks” for the check_suite to occur.

You can tell if you’re using the “OAuth App” if your URL’s say “/github” instead of “/circleci”

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Thanks, @sebastian-lerner! I didn’t know about that option or docs page. It seems to work and be exactly what I need.

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