Dynamic configuration vs Github Required checks


Some weeks ago, we started to switch our circleci configuration to dynamic configuration, as you can see here open-build-service/config.yml at master · openSUSE/open-build-service · GitHub

The issue that we are facing right now is that, we have a set of “required checks” to merge PR in master, and one of the “required” checks, will just run if some set of files were changed. Therefore we need as well a conditional way to require a specific check just if a specific workflow runs or not. Otherwise either I have to remove the “required check” or never have a PR will all checks “green” again :frowning:



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currently working on a monorepo with many services and having the exact same problem, since the Github merge protection requires the admin to specify the exact job or workflow name, the path-filtering orb doesn’t work really well with it

If I have parallel workflows A and B and specify both on the Github required status check dashboard, the Github PR merge check will be stuck if I only trigger either workflow A or B (not both) based on path-filtering orb mapping.

I wonder if there’s a way on circleci (or from Github side) to dynamically use all existing workflow as a check rather than specifying it manually from the Github dashboard

I have the same issue. The way I did it for now is creating a all-ok job that I trigger at the end of my workflow:

                - << pipeline.parameters.test-frontend >>
                - not: << pipeline.parameters.test-backend >>
            - test-e2e
            - test-frontend
            - test-pdf
            - test-js-utils
            - all-ok:
                  requires: [test-frontend, test-pdf, test-e2e, test-js-utils]

but it forces me to specify each case individually (“when (and (test-frontend, not test-backend))” instead of just “when test-frontend”) otherwise I would have the all-ok job run in another workflow and allow merge on github.

Now I’m adding more paths and dependencies (run test-frontend and test-pdf when js-utils/* is modified) and the configuration gets really tedious to write by hand…