[Dynamic config] more mapping conditions

Hi circleCI experts,
By reading the source code of path-filtering/filter orb source code: CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/path-filtering, i realized that it is essentially using python regex to filter/mapping files and determine whether or not triggering certain build jobs, I’d like it to support slightly more granular control:

  1. If requirements.txt or any python files changes, run build-python-job
  2. If package.json or any Typescript/javascript files changes, run build-frontend-job
      - path-filtering/filter:
          name: check-updated-files
          base-revision: main
          mapping: |
            my-service/requirements.txt|my-service/.*py build-python-job true
            my-service/package.json|my-service/.*ts|my-service/.*js build-frontend-job true
          config-path: .circleci/continue-config.yml

I guess it cannot be as simple as 1 by 1:

 my-service/requirements.txt build-python-job true
 my-service/.*py build-python-job true
 my-service/package.json build-frontend-job true
 my-service/.*ts build-frontend-job true
 my-service/.*js build-frontend-job true

Because if both package.json, *.js updated (which is very common), the job will be running 2 times which is a waste of time/resource.

As of now, none of the above worked for me, check-updated-files seems ONLY recognize my-service/.* but NOT my-service/.*py, I searched in github and couldn’t find any working examples for this, request some guidance here.