Circle CI branch skip on smile chars!

I experience this type of issue with version 2.0
When i use some smiles in config file run section, in my case with :tada: smile
branches section does’nt work.

- run:
      name: Notify build Telegram
      command: |
           trace="`cat output.log | tail -n 20`"
              Code succesfully deployed! 


           curl -s -X POST${BOT_TOKEN}/sendMessage -d chat_id=${GROUP_CHAT_ID} -d text="${message}" -d parse_mode=HTML

When i append this smile after Code succesfully deployed! then branches section in my config file
skipped somehow and build runs on any branch.

Workaround is creating env variable of this smiles unfortunately. I think im a first person who adds smile to env variable :slight_smile: