Cannot add user key

I am logged in through github. Now I want to add a user key, of a technical Github user, so my Fastlane scripts can access the private repo containing the certificates of my iOS app.

So I sign out of Github with my current account, sign in with the technical user account and then I click “Authorize With Github” in CircleCI.

When I click on “Authorize With Github” I immediately get directed to a page containing:

We encountered a problem adding your identity to CircleCI…

The identity provided by your VCS service is already associated with a different account. Please try logging in using that account or contact us for further help.


How can I add a key from a different Github account to my project?

Welcome to the CircleCI Discuss community! It sounds like your Github account may already be attached to a different account(likely a Bitbucket one). If you can send us in a support request with the Github username you are trying to log in with we can unlink those for you.

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