We encountered a problem adding your identity to CircleCI


We are in the process of migrating from GitHub to Bitbucket and need to migrate our OAuth login to CircleCI at the same time. However, when we try to connect our account to Bitbucket we get the following:

We encountered a problem adding your identity to CircleCI…
The identity provided by your VCS service is already associated with a different account. Please try logging in using that account or contact us for further help.

The reason is that we inadvertently signed into CircleCI using our Bitbucket credentials, so now CircleCI is confused as to which account our Bitbucket credentials should be associated with.

Please can someone help?

Ideally we need to get CircleCI to “forget” about our existing Bitbucket account, so we can connect it to our existing CircleCI account…

I believe contacting support is the best way to handle this - there is a ticket submission system on the main site.

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