Can not use macOS m1 Gen1 as it's being sunsetted on 2 October

Hi - I’m getting an error while i’m trying to to use ios-executor with resource class macos.m1.medium.gen1 according to the documentation but i’m getting the error below:
macOS Gen1 being sunsetted on October 2. Our “medium”, “large” and Dedicated Host macOS resource classes will no longer be available after October 2. Please update your config to avoid build errors. Learn more

Here’s my circleci cofig file

version: 2.1

  macos: circleci/macos@2

    resource_class: macos.m1.medium.gen1
      xcode: '14.13.1'
    working_directory: ~/repo/testflight

    description: Configure Bundler & Install Gems
      - run:
          name: Set Bundler version
          command: |
            echo 'export BUNDLER_VERSION=$(cat Gemfile.lock | tail -1 | tr -d " ")' >> $BASH_ENV
            source $BASH_ENV
            gem install bundler
      - run:
          name: Installing gems with bundle install
          command: bundle check || bundle install --path vendor/bundle
    description: 'Set Ruby Version'
      - macos/switch-ruby:
          version: "3.2.2"
    executor: ios-executor
      - checkout:
          path: ~/repo
      - switch-ruby-version
      - configure-bundler
      - run:
          name: Running json lint check
          command: |
            bundle exec jsonlint fastlane/**/*.json

The job fails before it starts and it doesn’t spin up an environment

You will find the details in this thread

OK, on reading that in detail (I’m not a Mac user)

If you are seeing the error with a macos.m1.medium.gen1 instance something is not right, your best option will be to open a support ticket,

It looks like you’re referencing an Xcode version that doesn’t exist. Are you trying to use 14.3.1 instead?

Many thanks @alexazl! that must’ve been a typo. changing to 14.3.1 fixes it

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