Announcing: M1 Medium is now available + M1 Large pricing update!

We are extremely excited to share that we have added a medium resource class to our M1 offering! In addition to the incredible performance improvements, these powerful resources offer GPU access, allowing for full E2E testing. See below for full details and check out our docs for more information on the power of M1 and getting started with these new resources!

Specs & Pricing

  • resource class tag: macos.m1.medium.gen1
  • 4 vCPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • 150 credits / minute
  • Available on all paid plans
  • See our docs for a complete list of supported Xcode versions

:tada: M1 Large Pricing Update
But wait, there’s more! As part of this launch, we have also updated our pricing for macos.m1.large.gen1 to 250 credits / minute.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Happy building!!


I’m not able to get this working - it keeps running in regular macos.x86.medium.gen2. Any tips?

Maybe you are on the Free plan? Per CircleCI Resource Classes - CircleCI M1 Medium is not available on the Free plan.

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Just tried out the M1 medium resource and I’m seeing nearly a 50% decrease in workflow times, which is a great result given the 2x credit cost.

In fact, looking at the runtime of my original jobs, I’m seeing as much as a 3x speed increase on the biggest job - the workflow runtime could still be better but it seems to be spending up to 30-60s sometimes queued waiting for an executor to become available. Is there any chance this could be improved?

We’ve gone from a median workflow time of around 17-8m down to 10 minutes but I think with reduced queue times we could get this down to around 7-8m.


I’m thrilled to hear you’re seeing great performance improvements! As we get more usage, we certainly expect our pre-booting algorithm (and therefore queue times) to improve. Thank you for the feedback!

Hi, I’m unable to receive Push Notifications on the CircleCi simulator. I’m using macos.m1.medium.gen1, xcode: 14.3.1 and iPhone 14 v16.4. I have the same setup locally, same app build and Push Notifications are working. Any ideas? :pray:

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