Experiencing intermittent crashes on iPhone 13/iOS 15 test runs

Even though performance has been great since we moved, we have noticed that our iPhone 13/iOS 15 test run seems to intermittently crash - this doesn’t happen with our iPhone 14/iOS 16 test run.

It always fails with this error:

The test runner exited with code 74 before finishing running tests. This may be due to your code calling 'exit', consider adding a symbolic breakpoint on 'exit' to debug. (#CharacterRangeLen=0)

Anyone encountered this and have a solution?

(Note: I created a new topic from this reply in the Announcements thread)
Hey @lukeredpath is it possible to get the simulator logs to see what is actually crashing, and share them?

@jerdog how can I do this? Can I provide you with a link to a failing job?

Hey Luke - a link to the job can work, but this support article also talks about how to get the simulator logs: