Announcing: M1 large now available on Performance Plans!

The lightning-fast M1 large resources we launched last month are now available for customers on Performance plans! Not only can these resources cut your build times by up to half, but they allow GPU access to support end-to-end testing!! See below more for details on the resources and image support.

Specs & Pricing

  • resource class tag: macos.m1.large.gen1
  • 8 vCPU
  • 12GB RAM
  • 400 credits / minute
  • See our docs for more info on getting started

Our M1 resources currently only support Xcode 14.2, but most of the remaining supported Xcode images will be available next week (Xcode 13.4.1 will be the oldest supported version available on our Apple silicon resources). While we are working on having the Xcode 14.3 image ready by next week, it may not be available until shortly afterwards. Be sure to watch our Xcode image table for the complete list of supported versions, as well as software manifests.

Happy building!! :tada: :apple: :tada:

EDIT: Adding in our new video on M1 support!

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Just tried using it on our performance plan and it errored with the following message.

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I see this issue too from my side. My Current plan: Performance (monthly)

Perhaps this plan cannot run on resource class: macos.m1.large.gen1 where it said M1 support is available on all paid plans!

So I’m waiting if macos.x86.medium.gen2 can run on M1

Same issue here @alexazl

Thank you for letting me know. I am looking into this and will provide an update once I get it resolved.

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Same issue here, on Performance Plan. I get this message:

Resource class macos for macos.m1.large.gen1, image xcode:14.2.0 is not available for your project, or is not a valid resource class. This message will often appear if the pricing plan for this project does not support macos use.

My job config has this:

  xcode: "14.2.0"
resource_class: macos.m1.large.gen1

We have deployed a fix that we’re confident will unblock you. Please try again and let me know if you continue to run into any issues. Thank you for your patience!!

Hello - would you consider baking rosetta into that image? I’m using circleci/aws-cli image and getting the below error:

cat: /etc/issue: No such file or directory Installing AWS CLI v2 Darwin 21.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 21.6.0: Mon Dec 19 20:45:11 PST 2022; root:xnu-8020.240.18~2/RELEASE_ARM64_VMAPPLE arm64 installer: This package requires Rosetta 2 to be installed. Please install Rosetta 2 and then try again. sudo softwareupdate --install-rosetta`

installer: Error - AWS Command Line Interface can’t be installed on this computer.`

@erkki-lukk We won’t be including Rosetta in our images, especially as Xcode is no longer supported under Rosetta (see release notes for more details).

However, you can look at the macOS orb example for how to install it for your jobs.

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Thanks @alexazl !

Looks like we are able to get a M1 resource allocated. However our MacOS jobs seem to be hanging (only on the M1 infrastructure) when running our iOS app test pipeline with the following error

[02:01:42]: ▸ 2023-04-21 02:01:42.292 xcodebuild[7452:37558]  IDETestOperationsObserverDebug: Failure collecting logarchive: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=516 "“test-session-systemlogs-2023.04.21_01-59-28-+0000.logarchive” couldn’t be moved to “My Mac_0000FE00-57B084FD5CA7035B” because an item with the same name already exists." UserInfo={NSSourceFilePathErrorKey=/var/tmp/test-session-systemlogs-2023.04.21_01-59-28-+0000.logarchive, NSUserStringVariant=(
[02:01:42]: ▸     Move
[02:01:42]: ▸ ), NSDestinationFilePath=/Users/distiller/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Snapsell-ejlqvjdvyflqffcprmkavavazfey/Logs/Test/Run-*********-2023.04.21_01-50-26-+0000.xcresult/Staging/2_Test/Diagnostics/My Mac_0000FE00-57B084FD5CA7035B/test-session-systemlogs-2023.04.21_01-59-28-+0000.logarchive, NSFilePath=/var/tmp/test-session-systemlogs-2023.04.21_01-59-28-+0000.logarchive, NSUnderlyingError=0x60000321d590 {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=17 "File exists"}}

Are you aware of this issue?

I got the same issue. So am I able to build on M1 if using a performance monthly plan?

I can confirm that it runs on M1 now, with macos.m1.large.gen1

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I had my team look at this and it appears to a bug in Xcode that’s trying to write a log file that already exists. I did find this Stack Overflow from a month ago, which suggests disabling the parallel testing option in Xcode. Please try that and let me know if it resolves your issue. Thank you!

Great! Thank you for the confirmation!!

Yes, customers on performance monthly plans are able to use M1 now! As I mentioned above, that issue appears to be a bug in Xcode. Please try disabling the parallel testing option in Xcode (as suggested on Stack Overflow).

@alexazl Thanks for sharing. On checking, we don’t have Xcode test parallelisation option enabled on any of our targets. So I am not sure why this behavior could be affecting our test target execution.

Also puzzled as this never happens on any of our execution on Intel Mac resources but only on Apple silicon resources.

I am confirmed, it’s working now. If you your target is not have test, or the option is disable already. So you would need do nothing. Just change
resource_class to macos.m1.large.gen1

Thanks @alexazl

Job was rejected because resource class macos.m1.large.gen1, image xcode:14.3.0 is not a valid resource class

Seems Xcode 14.3 is not supported on macos.m1.large.gen1. Any idea when that will be available?


We expect to have Xcode 14.3 available on M1 in the next couple weeks. We’ll announce it here when available, but you can also check our docs for the latest supported images.


Might I ask why such a long wait for Xcode 14.3? It’s been available on Intel for 3 weeks. Do we expect that every release of Xcode on M1 will have a similar lag time?
I’m asking because I’m a huge fan of the M1 performance gains I’ve received so far (decreased build times by over 50%!) so I’m a little concerned about this.