Announcing: M1 large now available on Performance Plans!

Apologies for the delays in getting these images out. Our image automation and distribution process needed some significant updates for the new Apple silicon architecture and it proved more challenging than we hoped. However, we’ve finished that work and will be releasing the rest of the M1-supported images early next week!

Moving forward, new images will be released to Intel and Apple silicon at roughly the same time.


We are excited to announce that the the remaining Apple silicon images are now available! Below are the software manifests for each supported image:

Happy building!!


Hey @alexazl,

Can I check if you have had other reports of this? I am on Xcode 14.2 image.

I haven’t heard any other reports, but did have my team look into it. Unfortunately, it does appear to be a bug with Xcode and not something that we can mitigate. If the parallelism setting fix didn’t pertain to your situation, though, I recommend reaching out to the Xcode community to see if there’s another way to resolve the issue.

Will do! Thank you!

I have one more issue with the macos.M1 runner - the app is generating a swift file from gql files, using apollos codegen as a run script.

This worked fine on intel runner but fails as the file then cant be found.

It seems that ${PROJECT_DIR} points to a wrong destination: /Users/distiller/project/

Has anyone had similar isssue? Is there a fix?

I am wondering why do I have the following error:
image xcode:13.4.1 is not a valid resource clas
According to the docs its still should be supported:

@MikePendo Please open a support ticket and include links to the build with that error. We’d be happy to dig deeper into the issue for you!