Building Upstream Repo and Fork Repo


In the scenario where you have an upstream repo (let’s say owned by UpstreamUser) and a forked repo (owned by ForkUser). Is it possible to submit a PR from the fork to the upstream that trigger builds with UpstreamUser’s CircleCI account and to create local branches in the forked repo that build with ForkUser’s account?

I’m confused about “following” projects. This page:

… suggests that as ForkUser you should not follow your own forked project in CircleCI otherwise Circle will use ForkUser’s account rather than UpstreamUser’s account to build PRs into the upstream repo. However, the main project overview page states this:

“We can’t update you with personalized build emails and notifications unless you follow this project. Projects are only tested if they have a follower.”

Meaning that if you don’t follow your own fork, it won’t be built?

We’d like all PRs into the upstream repo to be built with UpstreamUser’s account, however still allow users to test their own changes from their own forks using their own CircleCI account before submitting a PR?