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Right now pull requests don’t build unless a user has setup a circleci account. Does circleci not support building pull requests from forks on bitbucket? There is a 2 year old post about it but no updates.

It does work, but you need to turn it on. I seem to recall that there was a security consideration with this - search the forum for more info. I imagine it is to do with visibility of deploy keys etc, so consider who can make forks in your projects.

The switch is in the Advanced Settings, defaulting to Off:

Build forked pull requests

Run builds for pull requests from forks. CircleCI will automatically update the commit status shown on GitHub’s pull request page.

See also the switch regarding passing secrets to forks.

So it doesn’t seem to be working (I noticed that it says GitHub but not bitbucket?), but let me supply some more details:

  • I’ve got that option turned on
  • I’ve also set “Pass secrets to builds from forked pull requests”
  • The .circleci config file is the same in both the main repo and the fork
  • The main repo has a circleci project setup
  • The forked repo user has not setup a circleci account

I’ve got another person in the mix who made an account and their PR fired off a CI build, but it happened under their circleci account.

The behavior I expected was:

  • PR from a fork is created
  • CI build is spun up under the main repo account
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