Build merged pull requests


I’m trying to build branches that have a pull request associated with them that are not the default branch. For instance, I can open a PR against staging (non default branch) and the job runs. However, If I merge that PR into staging, the job isnt run. However, if I do the same thing on the default branch (i.e master) - I get the desired behavior. Any ideas how I can achieve this?

Hi there. I think this feature request is what you are referring to, can you take a look?

If so, you can vote to show interest and track updates, as well as comment to clarify any details about your use case that may not already be included.

Hi - the idea you linked doesn’t exactly address my issue. I’m basically looking for a way to build all commits to a branch that has a PR associated with it. Currently, the “build PR’s only” setting only builds commits for default branch.

Understood. Can you create a new feature request then on that site?