Pull Requests and Multiple Default Branches


Hi all, this may have been asked before, but figured I’d see if there have been any updates recently.

A big part of my CI process is leveraging GitHub pull requests. I do not need to run a build on every commit, but I need to run a build on each pull request. Upon merging the pull request, I do need to run another build. I know this is currently possible with the ‘Pull Request Only’ setting and merging to GitHub’s default branch, but is there any way I can have this functionality with multiple default branches? Every time I want to merge to my production branch, I’ll have to change the default branch, not ideal. Example below…

PR submitted -> run build -> Merge to branch ‘frontend-staging’ run build on merge -> 'frontend-staging PR submitted (with merge to master) -> Merge branch to master, run build on merge again.

Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any thoughts…


I’ve not looked into this in detail, but you could run a build on a schedule, and then do your internal logic (should a real build be run) inside. If a real build should not be run, exit early and return a success condition.

This has the disadvantage that you will have many successful builds that were not actually builds, but it’d get you up and running.


Wow, they don’t make it easy do they!? I’ll play around with this method, thanks!


They aren’t trying to inconvenience you deliberately :smiley_cat:

If you lurk hereabouts, and on the Ideas board, you’ll see there is a lot of stuff competing for CircleCI product manager attention.

The other thing you could think about is using the HTTP API externally to make trigger decisions. I believe you can kick off a build using this. You’d need another server for this, but a cheapie would be fine.


Ok cool, will check it out!

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