Im consfused and need a little hint about PR/commits builds

Hi there.
I have master as main branch in the repo, then i have staging, and then there are feature/XXX and bugfix/XXX branches

Normally CircleCI would build any push to any branch. That’s not what i want so i turned on “build only PR” in options.
Now, when developer create PR from feature/XXX or bugfix/XXX against staging branch i want to build feateure/XXX branch. Next, when i merge that PR into staging i want to build, and deploy staging branch to staging server. At the end i want to build master, and deploy to production.

So far, first step is working as intended, i can build feature/XXX after developer create PR, but i cannot build staging after merging that PR, because CircleCI is building only PRs. Master is not problem because its default branch and it’s building anyway.

So my question is, how can i build staging branch AFTER PR is merged into it, while “build only PRs” option is enabled?

I want to keep “build only PRs” option enabled, so CI don’t build every commit in feature/XXX or bugfix/XXX branches.

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