Build are endless

Hello CI team
we have a problem with builds of our application - its endless
We using step with:
mvn clean package -DskipTests
and in this step: build tool maven (on CircleCI instance) downloading dependencies just endless.
We try prev. builds that was successfully - same picture with them.

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Also having an endless build this looks related to: Job times out after 5 hours

I wonder if there has been a breaking change introduced

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Still not solved issue, no response from circle support team on our tickets.
we just disabled builds on circle ci for couple of days and then will try to come back to them, or to TeamCity )))

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Noticed also still not resolved and no other work around will currently work for us as reported in some other tickets on docker executor related to progress bars and step output.

Had containers running last night were going to get billed for that went on for 8+ hours

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I have the same issue, but with npm:
Running the build command manually by SSH-ing into the build server works fine.


I have the same issue. Support answer is:

Reviewing the workflow you have provided, it appears that the network is having difficulty keeping up, likely due to an intermittent issue.

It is not fixed yet.