Browser Notifications



Announcing Browser Notifications
Ever have too many tabs open? Ever forget about running builds to find you could have merged hours ago (or worse, need to rebuild a failed build!)?
We are happy to announce a new feature - Browser Notifications.

Browser notifications arrive upon build completion

  • if the user has opted in on that browser
  • if the build tab has been left open so the build is in state

Getting Started
We are currently rolling it out behind feature flag to a percentage of random users.

Users on a build page will see a permissions banner before accepting the browser’s permission ask.
Users can otherwise change their opt-in/opt-out preference by scrolling down to “Web Notification” on

Thanks to user @kitsunde for the recommendation as well as thanks to the users who have been leaving Feature Requests regarding Notifications. We are exploring a number of different types of notifications, especially around Slack. I encourage users who are looking for that to please <3 Feature Requests related to those so we know our efforts are going in the right direction.

Note that we generally use this area for Image Announcements. I’ve added a Product Announcement here linked to changelog as we expect users will have valuable feedback regarding functionality.

Browser notification on my builds

Great feature! This makes it easy to multitask while waiting for a build. Thanks for adding it!


To close loop, this feature is now fully rolled out. :smile: