Browser Notifications no longing working

We have workflows with “Browser notifications” enabled for multiple users.
Browser html5 flag is enabled.
Notifications are not sent.

Any ideas what is going on ?

Hi Avner. What browser and did they ever work? What happens if you disable -> Web Notifications and reenable?

Any chance of a shared ad blocker type software? Have you tried in private/incognito?

Sorry for missing that info. I am using Chrome. My colleague is doing the same.
We can try with an alternative browser to see if it works.

Enabling/Disabling the flag did not solve it and w are not using any ad blocker.

Will also try incognito and report back.

But what I hear is that there is no global issue in the browser notification ?

Not as far as I know, it works for me. I use both Chrome and Firefox, so maybe it only works in one and I haven’t noticed. I will do some testing.

It works when you are on the Job details page, not the Workflows page. I will check with the team and file a bug/feature request as needed, I don’t think this code was touched when we released Workflows

I created

I also linked a related feature request that may be more what you are looking for. Please vote on one or both to show interest for our product team, and to receive updates.

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