ASP.Net Core 6.0 Build fails

Hello Everyone. Please I am trying out circleci for the first time. I am trying to build an ASP.Net Core 6.0 project and the build fails with the following error:

/root/project/ValueApi/ValueApi.csproj : error NU1102: Unable to find package Microsoft.AspNetCore.App with version (>= 6.0.7) [/root/project/ValueApi.sln]
/root/project/ValueApi/ValueApi.csproj : error NU1102: - Found 51 version(s) in [ Nearest version: 3.0.0-preview3-19153-02 ] [/root/project/ValueApi.sln]

From the error it seems that it can’t find the version I am using but this is confusing as the pipeline worked when I tested it locally.

What executor configuration are you using?

Microsoft.AspNetCore.App is installed when the .NET Core later SDK is installed.

I’m guessing the runner doesn’t have the SDK version your app is trying to use.